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I don't usually get that worked up by dirty business practices, but I have to share this experience.

If anyone was ever curious about LowBookSales offer to buy your vehicle and match any offer by more than $250 or they'll give you $250. It is a sham. This is how it worked for me.

I had my beetle estimated at Carmax. They offered me $10,000 for it. This is lower than we wanted to get for it. So, I listed the car on KSL. LowBook called me, yeah, you read that right, THEY CALLED ME. They asked me to bring it in as they are interested in buying the car. I said ok.

I went in to LowBook. They gave me an estimate for $9500. I said don't you guys guarantee you'll beat any written offer by $250. They said yes, let us see the offer. I showed them the offer for $10,000 from Carmax. They walked off with my Carmax offer and came back with an offer for $10,250 and asked if I wanted to sell for that. I said no, I'll just take the $250. They then told me I now don't qualify because they upped their offer. I said,"Seriously, you call me and ask me to take time out of my schedule to come down here so that you can low ball me? And then you pull this kind of sham?" From here on, I am referring to them as LowBallSales.

It gets better. They then said that they would be willing to let me put the car on their lot since they don't have any Beetles currently. And then they could work out a deal on splitting the profit.


I told them I would rather sell the car for $9000 just to make sure they didn't get anything out of it.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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American Fork, Utah, United States #700528

I purchased a vehicle from Low Book Sales in Lindon, Utah 8 days ago (August 7, 2013).. I left the dealership at about 1830 hours and went home. As I was driving home, I heard a very bad grinding sound from the front of my vehicle... The next morning at about 0900 hours I took the vehicle to Lindon Low Book and their Service Department. They told me the noise was coming from the BACK OF THE CAR??? So they were so nice to replace my rotors for me... Yeah... well that obviously didn't fix the problem, as it was grinding on my way home. Due to work, I wasn't able to take the vehicle back to Low Book until Monday August 12, 2013... They took the car in and apparently replaced some pads in my brakes... then they said the problem was fixed AGAIN...(Oh, I also told them about my gear shift that was getting stuck and how I was unable to shift into gear...ummm they fixed it...hahahah NOT!!)

So later on Monday, I contacted 6 DIFFERENT EMPLOYEES of Low Book Sales regarding their 7 day exchange policy that they love to advertise... HA! ALL 6 EMPLOYEES TOLD ME THEY DID NOT KNOW HOW IT WORKED AND WERE NOT SURE WHAT TO DO... I was transfered MULTIPLE TIMES and HUNG UP on every single time...except one... I actually got a voicemail...I left a message, but NEVER HEARD FROM ANYONE!!

Oh and just for the record, these attempts to learn about the exchange were from the Lindon AND Salt Lake City dealerships... I also spoke to a guy named MIKE on the online chat... Mike said "I honestly don't know about it, I am just in the call center." Then did not reply to me again!

Funny thing about this... today August 15, 2013 is my 8th day, so obviously 1 day passed the 7 day exchange... Low Book EMAILS me and tells me they need the other half of my down payment that was due yesterday... I HAVE BEEN TRYING FOR 3 DAYS TO TRADE MY BROKEN PIECE OF *** FROM THEM... THEY DON'T CARE... HOWEVER, AS SOON AS THEY NEED MY MONEY, THEY COME RUNNING! I sent an email back since they will not take my calls, and told them they can come get the car or I will leave it in their lot! FUNNY THAT I HAVEN'T HEARD BACK YET!


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