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With no warning, we had to find a car for our daughter.

Low Book Sales had a 2007 Honda Accord advertised for $6000- at least $3000 under Blue Book. Not expecting much, we stopped by and were surprised to find that the car wasn't too bad. In fact, it was *** good for $6K. The salesman admitted to being new to sales and was friendly, not pushy. We drove the car aggressively, trying to find any problems with any part of it. While there were some cosmetic issues and 143,000 on the clock, the car drove great.

We agreed to the price and went in to settle. We met and dealt with the Sales Manager and several other folks in Sales and in Financing.

Because we hadn't expected to buy a car right then and there, weren't prepared and had to decide whether to finance or pay cash (and how to get money transferred quickly). We ran these guys in circles while we tried to figure out how to get this done. During the whole process we heard the same thing from every one of them- "Whatever you want to do". No hard sell. No pushing to do what made them more money. Whatever WE wanted to do.

We managed to get things sorted at our end while the Low Book Sales staff waited patiently and did everything they could to help. They went out of their way to accommodate our situation.

Yeah, I know this website is for folks to whine and *** about how they got screwed. Or how they couldn't get a car because they've trashed their credit. Well, this site is too 1-sided. It's dedicated to complainers. Who the *** can make an informed decision based on a site like this? Grow up, People. Take responsibility for your own actions.

Now that we've got the car home, driven it around and cleaned up some of the cosmetics, we're realizing that we got a better deal than we thought.

Everyone at Low Book Sales, Las Vegas was great to deal with. Special props to Junior, Rey and Juan.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

I liked: Price.

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I have to say that your being a little

too judgmental! I had no issue with the finance because we have dam good credit.

So don't assume it's all about one issue. Make sure to check your own car records on this car. You may be surprised to know what's on their, not the one they showed you. Also do you know they are known for buying cars at a car auction from another used car company when they get ride of their rejected cars?

Ones that won't meet their safety or higher standards!

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