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Update by user Feb 05, 2016

Just to prove a point, if you look at any review website such as this one Low Book Sales is in the top 10 worst companies...the possitive review on Google and other sites are done by a team of propegandists if you will writting that ***... there reviews go from 1 or 2 stars to 5 stars. It's pretty obvious...anyway have a nice day

Original review posted by user Jan 21, 2016

I recently wrote a review about Low Book Sales, it was not very positive the say the least. Anthony Dumas (GM) asked me to please take down my review to which I kindly and respectfully said, "no". They have a big fat baby named Luke trying to take down my review because of it's relevance. Ha good's the original review in it's entirety, notice that if you look up Low Book Sales on google you will not be able to find my review anywhere...Makes me wonder how many other bad reviews they have managed to cover-up? Interesting...

I worked for Low Book Sales for a little under 4 years. I was hired to a company that believed in family and would great every customer that purchased a car by welcoming them to the Low Book Family. For over two years I was a "Top" producer and made excellent money. In November 2014 upper management decided to change the pay plan and policies that made Low Book Sales what it was. One by one I watched sales person after sales person jump ship to other dealerships. I stayed, wanting to believe in the company I was at the time so loyal to. I was offered a position as a floor manager that later I realized was a desperate attempt to keep me on the sales floor. It didn't even pay me any extra money it just added to my work load. I was consistently top three on the sales chart for 3 years or more and was never, not once considered for promotion. I watched at least 4 people get promoted within there first 2 years and was never considered. I am an educated business man, who up to the point of working for Low Book Sales had always owned and operated my own business. I was recently let go do to some personal issues conflicting with my job. After almost 4 years of slaving for Low Book Sales my wife and I were having marital problems and separated for the first time ever.

My opinion is there is no Low Book Family, the heart and soul that was Low Book Sales died when they decided there employees aren't important or valuable. The company I was hired on to work for was unique. The company they are now is pathetic, the managers and upper management minus a few are very selfish and dont care about the employees under them. Being someone who has been such an advocate for this company for so long, I'm saying go anywhere but Low Book Sales. Don't fall for the BS they show when they show there "flip-chart". I stopped in to get my final check (which took them 3 weeks to figure out) and was told by Cam Bennee (GSM) and my former boss that because of this review I am no longer welcome at the Low Book Sales. I have sold hundreds of cars and spent 3+ years of dedicated service there. Also I have bought 3 cars and spent thousands of dollars in the service dept, and that's how I'm thanked. Cam Bennee and the rest of the Curupt Managers at Low Book should learn what it is to "value an employee". Without those "pee-on" sales guys, you don't have a job or business to manage. I hate to say it, but this place is going downhill and fast. Thanks Cam for making the decision to not go down with your sinking ship for me.

To my customers, I love you all. First of all thank you for helping me provide for my family for the last few years. I'll let you know where I land so you can get a hold of me to help in the future. It wasn't Low Book that gave you the amazing customer service, it was me , my passion, care for you and your family. I'm happy to continue to do so. I just got told by Cam Bennee the GSM and my former boss that because of this review I am no longer welcome at the Low Book Sales of SL store. I have sold hundreds of cars and spent 3+ years of dedicated service there, and that's how I'm thanked. Also it has taken them almost 3 weeks to get me a final check. Cam and the rest of the Managers at Low Book should learn what it is to "value an employee". I lined your pocket for years Cam and all I get is hatred from you. You are totally unprofessional and pathetic, hope you get some training to learn how a real manager acts. Please people, go somewhere, really anywhere else to buy a car. This place is going downhill and fast. Have a great day...

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "doesn" of low book sales work experience. Low Book Sales needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Sounds like a typical drug addict... Blame everyone else for his problems


This is not a customer review this sounds like an HR complaint or something other please remove this as it is not a customer report."


You fail to mention that you were caught lying in a pretty much habitual manner... You fail to mention that management bent over backwards to accommodate your issues in your life, and that you abused their generosity to the point that there really was no other choice.

You fail to mention that you actually did decide to "Jump Ship" with everyone else, and decided that was a bad move and came back. You fail to mention that it was your actions, your choices that led to this inevitability.

While it is true that you bought 3 personal vehicles from Low Book, you failed to mention that two of those went repo through their own lender, after they had done a favor for you by agreeing to do those loans... While it is true that you have spent thousands of dollars in the service department, you fail to mention that you have an outstanding service bill that you have had for months, which led to you not being paid immediately upon termination, your debt needed to be settled first, and that paying your service bills was like pulling teeth...

In regards to the personal issues in your life, you fail to mention that had you never cheated on your wife, your personal problems would not have spiraled out of control, and would not have affected your work in the manner that they did. I do remember your heartfelt outpouring to the entire team of how you were sorry that your personal issues were affecting the team, and a mere week later, you were back into the same pattern.

to Anonymous #1106917

Huh, I wonder who this is...Cam Bennee maybe. I'm not saying I was the perfect employee, there were times I was close and you didn't give a ***.

So at the end it was hard to care because it was so apparent that you and everyone else in a managers seat didn't. Couple corrections, if I may?

1. I have bought 3 cars from Low Book Sales a 1996 Ford Bronco, 1996 Corvette, and 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The bronco was never financed and was sold by me.

The Corvette was financed by Prime Acceptance Corp. And was repossessed after Low Book Sales changed the pay plan the first time and I no longer could afford a 3rd car payment. I lost 25% of my income. Oh I heard you just dropped the salesman pay yet again, way to really show your employees you care by taking there bonuses away from them, really nice.

And then finally the Jeep I am still driving today.

I haven't had any issues with the shop, and would never talk any cap on them at all. BTW, I was the only employee the shop worked with and knew would pay of they floated me. Ask Mel or Jimmy smart ***, they floated me on bills all the time because I was good for it...

All that personal stuff you brought up, that's just petty. I have not nor will I BrIng up personal or damaging information.

That's childish, what are you 2 years old? Maybe if you, the managers of Low Book could grow up and stay off of youtube in the tower maybe things would be different.

I really like the Way you're having your brainwashed, brown nosing faget employees write all this ***. Read any other non-employee review online. Low Book Sales sucks and everybody knows it.

They are the bottom feeders of our prestigious industry.

Facts are facts and *** stinks to high heaven...hey so does Low Book. Just stand outside by the


What ever ***, you lost controls of your life stop blaming your problems on other people and start taking acountability for your life, ***

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